The World’s Largest NFT

What is it? The Worlds Largest NFT ( WL-NFT) is a project steered by Galactic Legacy Labs, It combines art elements from artists and collaborators from over 150 countries from around the world, including schoolchildren, families, professional artists, musicians, digital artists , painters, creators and contributors young and old, alongside passionate artists representing every culture in a record setting art project.
What is an NFT? NFT’s ( Non Fungible Tokens) really took off over the past couple of years with over $22 billion in sales generated from unique digital art pieces that are verified as being unique through blockchain technology on the internet. What makes them more valuable from any other type of digital art, is usually that its been tagged as unique and verified as “one of a kind” as part of a rare collection.

How many art images are estimated to make up the WL-NFT?

We estimate that over 50,000 unique art images, photos, animations and digital art will make up the WL-NFT representing hundreds of artists and thousands of  contributors.

Will it go on sale?

Yes the WL-NFT will go on pre sale in Q1, 2023 and be sold as a fractionalized collection worldwide starting in Q2, 2023 Stay tuned here for announcements. Space Blue, a marketing partner will have listings online and on social media and discord to learn more about the offers for NFT, The WLNFT and for opportunities to secure a stake in the Metaverse virtual land.

 Partial Proceeds will also benefit the Arch Foundation.

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Will physical Art 1:1 based on the WLNFT  parts of the collection also go on sale in 2023? Yes pre register to sign up for auctions to be held in 2023.

What makes the project so unique?: The art elements will be flown on Space X Falcon 9 Rocket and sent by Space Engineering and Lunar Lander engineers  Intuitive Machines aboard  a lunar art museum estimated to land in Quarter 1 2023. Each piece of art is permanent archived in the Lunaprise Art Time Capsule. ( the date for landing may change of course).

Galactic Legacy Labs, Inc. ( “GLL”), along with The Arch Foundation , is collaborating on sending an indestructible time capsule to the Moon with curated NFT Art Projects by Space Blue. 

The Lunaprise mission  is on a mission to preserve the heart and soul of humanity through the gathering and archiving of our stories into a single collection we call the humanity hall of fame. A limited number of exclusive artists are being selected as well as a curated selection of emerging artists who would not normally get such opportunities.


Artists deadline for consideration will be December 14th, 2022

How do I apply as an artist?

Fill Up The Form To Apply

How can I view the WLNFT and all of the artists who partipicate in the Lunaprise?


WLNFT Goes on Sale Q1 2023-Q2-2023

You will be able to view on a ”Lunar Louvre” like virtual online Metaverse space and  community being established with Metaverse partners we are teaming up with The Metaverse will open for smaller groups, gallerings, schools, educational groups and private parties in the spring of 2023, and will open up to the public in 2023. All of the art that is placed by Lunaprise into the Lunar Lander by Intuitive Machines will be also listed for viewing in the Metaverse Art Gallery 24-7/ 365 days a year online.

Artist concept of the Metaverse Version of the Lunar Museum

Can I become a stakeholder in this project?:  Become a stakeholder in the Lunaprise Museum Metaverse by participating in the offer coming out on a USA Crowdfunding Platform  ( Projected to be announced in Quarter 1 , 2023) where you can obtain Virtual Metaverse Land and receive an NFT and stake in common stock through Luminary, a new tech art space venture that will launch the offer. 

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