Phase 1

Pre Sale Package ”Lunar Louvre” Metaverse Land Sales

Pre Sales End December 1st, 2022

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Metaverse Land Launch Pad Sales

Coming USA Based Launch Pad Sales Will Open Fall 2022+ Final Sales Ends Fall, 2022

Phase 2

Metaverse Land Launch Price: $250.00 Starts Phase II, Purchase Now for $111 ( 225% increase in price by January 1st, 2023)

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Metaverse Land Sale Packages

Lunar Metaverse Mystery “Black Hole” Lander



  • Your Virtual Land on Level 1 is part of an exclusive "flower of life" collection also engraved on the actual moon art museum. 

Level 1 Buyers NFT and Virtual Metaverse Land Will Be Minted on October 1st, 2022- Pre Order Today and Save !

How This Metaverse Project is The Best Use Case For Linking the Metaverse With NFT Actual Artwork Going To The Moon Art Museum launched by Space X and Intuitive Machines

The metaverse edition will house twin artifacts and art assets of the Lunarpise art assets which a visitor and collector to the Metaverse Lunar Lourrve access instantly and show friends and relatives…….linked to the real moon art project landing on the moon. Metaverse Launches Fall, 2022
Galactic Legacy Labs ( “GLL”), Galatic Legacy Labs, LLC along with Space Blue and The Arch Foundation , will be sending an indestructible time capsule to the Moon with its curated NFT Art Projects.

The Lunar Art Museum Will  Hold Both 1:1 Physical engraved Twin Duplicates of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Art  On Earth as well as 1:1 physical twin digital files ( animations, MP3 music).

The NFT Metaverse Movie The 9th Raider, The Prophetic Story of Earth’s Post Apocalyptic world in 2037 will land as the first movie ever archived on the moon with both 24 images from the movie engraved on the Lunar Plate as well as a 1:1 Unique Rare Movie Edition stored in MP4 Format.

GLL and Space Blue is on a mission to preserve the heart and soul of humanity through the gathering and archiving of our stories into a single collection we call the humanity hall of fame. A limited number of exclusive artists are being selected as well as a curated selection of emerging artists who would not normally get such opportunities. Artists will be able to submit artwork on August 8th, 2022 at the submission link below and the deadline for consideration will be September 21st, 2022.

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