LLL and Space Blue Artists:

Lunar Legacy Legacy Labs, Inc along with marketing partner Space  Blue is  currently working with many contemporary artists projects for Lunaprise,  as well as projects like world’s first NFT movie “ The 9th Raider” Movie NFT’s starring iconic NFT Collector “Cl7”, “ Filmmaker Dallas Santana, “Ancient Astronauts” art by
Ghost in the Night”, Tail Galleries, Pepe Soho, David Bianchi,  Advent Robots, the Characters of Stan Lee’s Legion of 5,  Edsen The Artist, Z-Hovak,    The Center for Land use interpretation, Music with Youth and High School and Disney stars from Billboard Winning Artist Andrew Lane, Tardigees art collection  by 6x Grammy winning artist Malik, Artwork of Digital Artist Beeples, The Artist Kalibri, “Marshmello” the first NFT dog art project, Sneaker X; the art of Sneakers,  Artist Alexandria Morrow, Praise Pals Artwork, Artist Kirsten Collins, Youngest NFT artist Kylin Milan ,  Xtra magazine, and New York City Agricultural Collective on producing content for this.  Additional Art projects include:Jacolby Satterwhite, Amalia Ulman, Indigenous Voices ( the greates speeches by Native Leaders, Photographer Isauro Mercado, Dalla Jon Pylypchuk, Jennifer West, Mitchell Syrop, Jared Madere, Artist Wilile Steward, Author Dr. Shannon Stewart,  Edgar Arceneaux, Sam Anderson, Mathias Toubro, Alex Mackinac Dolan, Cherrise Grey, Nihura Montiel, Bjarne Bare, JPW3, Grant Levy Lucero, Barak Zemer, Oliver Payne, Andrew Norman Wilson, Ponaganset High School,  Maria Petschnig, Matt Siegle, Juliana Halpert, Erik Frydenborg, Jeffrey Stuker, Scott Benzel, Marc Horowitz, Petra Cortright, Gala Porres-Kim, Liz Magic Laser, Harry Gamboa, Geoffrey Lillemon, and Paige K.B. These artists have already been attached.