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Congratulations on your submission as an artist for the Lunaprise Museum. Final approved artists selected will have their approved artwork ( digital only,-mp3, mp4, jpeg. pdf,) sent on the Lunaprise moon museum aboard a Space X Falcon 9 Mission. 

This unique mission is powered by Galactic Legacy Labs/ Arch Mission Foundation and Space Blue and is planned for June 2023 making history and creating a legacy as “The First” mission to take no more than 222 artists' digital artwork to the moon.

We will notify you soon if your artwork is accepted. If you do not receive written approval, your artwork is not selected.

If you are selected as an artist on the Lunaprise mission, you will be eligible to attend our launch events, and red carpet awards events and have bragging rights to last a lifetime that your artwork project was the “FIRST” to make history,  along with the other artists. You will then also will receive before the launch,   a limited edition minted Lunaprise Official Mission Patch NFT verifying and authenticating that your artwork has been linked to this moon project forever.

Thank you for your brave step into the future of all of humanity and for leaving your mark on the moon.


Upcoming Red Carpet Launch Events:

Los Angeles, Miami, NYC- Quarter 1-2, 2023 Red Carpet Launch Event and Artist Awards.

June 2023 ( 3 days) Space X Launch Event, Party, and Celebration-Cape Canaveral Florida. We will let you know of the final date and times selected and guidelines on attending if you can make this historic trip. 

Thank you

The Space Blue Artist Curation Team

By Submitting my artwork I agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of the artist's policies.

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