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Congratulations on your submission as an artist for our art contest. Final selected artist will have their approved artwork ( digital only, mp3, mp4, jpeg only) sent to the Lunaprise moon museum aboard a SpaceX Mission powered by Intuitive Machines, by early summer, 2023- making history for you and creating a legacy as being part of “The First”.

We will notify you soon if your application has been approved.


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If you are selected as an artist you will be eligible to attend our launch events, and red carpet awards events and have bragging rights to last a lifetime that your artwork project was among a very short list of the “FIRST”  in humanity to be selected for this moon mission. Also once selected verification that your art went to the moon will be certified/authenticated and minted as an NFT verifying and authenticating that your artwork has been linked to this moon project forever. Thank you for your brave step into the future for all of humanity and for leaving your mark on the moon.


Space Blue Club: You have also been admitted into the space blue club Bronze Level. Bronze Level Membership is included until September 15th, 2023. You will get announcements about events, merchandise offers, meet and greets, DJ experiences at venues like Grammy Weekend in LA, Art Basel Miami, Miami NFT Week, Private events at Bitbasel Miami,  NFT NYC, The World Cup, Fashion Week,  Coachella Music Festival, Sundance Film Festival,  and other meetups our community will be doing.

And of course the most important event of them all; our black tie red carpet event to be held at Cape Canaveral, Florida at the Kennedy Space Center, in Summer, 2023


Upcoming Red Carpet Launch Events:

  • Miami ( March to June) Hosted by Bitbasel Miami: Private VIP Events
  • Summer, 2023 ( 2 days) SpaceX Launch Event, Party, and Celebration-Cape Canaveral Florida

Thank you

The Space Blue Team

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