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Congratulations on your submission as a Marketing Partner for our Metaverse, and NFT programs to send curated digital art to the moon museum aboard a Space X Mission powered by Arch FoundationĀ  planned for Quarter 1- 2023. We are making history and creating a legacy as ā€œThe Firstā€ and this is a rare opportunity to also be a space pioneer and to partner with us.

We will notify you in the coming days about your pending approval per our partnership program.Ā 

If you are selected as a Marketing Partner you will be eligible to attend our launch events, red carpet awards events and have bragging rights to last a lifetime that youĀ  also achieved a ā€œFIRSTā€. Thank you for your brave step into the future all of humanity and an opportunity to leaveĀ  your mark on the moon.

Thank you

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